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Bournemouth in English

Jiří Chyla S3:

Students of SPŠ Chomutov were given a great chance to go to England. Some students were really lucky when they were chosen by the teachers to represent school abroad.
But our trip hadn´t even started, when the bus to Prague got stuck in the traffic after a serious car crash in front of us. But after few hours we finally got on our bus to London. The trip was long, we were tired and our bodies hurt although the bus was kinda comfortable. One of us turned the bus TV on, when we were heading to borders with France. And what we heard there scared us because in France there was a terrorist atack in Paris. Because of that we had to stay for long on borders with France so they could check our ID cards and our luggage. When this nighmare was over, we finally could board our train and we went throught Euro tunnel to England. Unfortunately we did not have nice weather. It was cold and rainy and we did not enjoy London as much as we could. After few hours spent in London we finally went by another bus to Bournemouth. When we arrived at the bus station in Bournemoth, we saw people who should have been our families for one week. I do not know how other students but we got a great family and I can not find a thing I could be unsatisfied with. We arrived to Bournemouth on Saturday so the next day was free one and we were just chilling. From Monday we spent 4 hours at school with really kind teachers every day. We usually went somewhere with our teachers after school for a walk, to see some sights or we went to other towns by bus and then we had free time which we spent by buing clothes or just walking around the tow.Then we had to go to our homes for a dinner and then we had free time again. But there were not many people we could talk to at night because students of Bournemouth had to prepare for school. The worst day came when we had to go home again. We of course did not want to because we really enjoyed being in Bournemoth and we did not want to go back to school. So we were leaving Bournemouth with a tear in the eye but our host family told us that we can come to visit them on summer holiday which I would really love to! Bournemouth is a lovely place and it has left in us beautiful memories.


Matěj Šmíd 2C:

English language course which took place in England , available to the students of the second and the third grades and financed entirely by the EU fund, was successfully completed without any difficulties.
All 20 students were divided into pairs and sorted between 10 different host families, which were the part of the programme. The whole course took place in a maritime town on the southern shore of England called Bournemouth. Our classes passed of at Richard language college. Here we enjoyed twenty very entertaining English classes.
This English course allowed us not only to improve our English, but also broaden our horizons.
All participants express how grateful they were for this unique opportunity, some even stated that this course wasn´t long enough for them to experience all the wonderful things in Bournemouth.
I, on behalf of all participants, would like to thank all who helped organize this enlightening journey.