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Technodays – sounds cool!
Last week on April 21st to 23rd an exhibition called Technodays was held in the municipal theatre. Since the fact that we are the students of a technical high school – E3 and A3, it seemed right to drop by and see what the companies operating in industrial field could offer.
The venue was crowded with the pupils and students. They were all eager to catch a glimpse of various technical procedures demonstrated by leading manufacturers.
One of the main attractive exhibition was represented by our school who traditionally took part in the event.We have heard lots of positive responses especially about the automatized 3D printer.
We were given many interesting iformation from the possible future employers and also we had a chance to inquire several colleges representatives.
Well it ´s time to sum this event!Have a look at our comments below!
,,Despite the short time we could spend there I found it a great opportunity to get to know the local industrial companies!“
P.Püschel A3
,,I am looking forward to the next year´s exhibition. It´s been useful experience.“ M.Bosák A3
,, It really attracted my attention and showed me the possible future prospects!“ J.Kameník E3
,,I was proud of our school. I think it displayed one of the best exhibition!“ T.Halvoník E3

Studenty doprovázely: Mgr. Pěkná a Mgr. Vrhelová.